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Hatim Carbon has been delivering mobility and transportation solutions since the 1950s. Evolving with developing technology, it continues to offer services in this sector.


Carbon Brushes

Railway applications lead to extremely high demands for carbon brush sliding contacts. These include brief overloading, large current peaks, longer idling, weak load operation, aggressive vapors and gases, high ambient temperatures, oil mists and high dust and ash content.

Hatim carbon has been supplying brushes to the Indian Railways for many years for traction machines of diesel-electric and electrical traction applications.

AC Locomotives

  • Hitachi HS-15250 / HS-15250A

  • Alstom TAO-659

Diesel Locomotives

  • Traction Motors TM 165

  • Traction Generators / Alternators

Electrical Multiple Units

  • Traction Motors 153BX / TM133AY

Railway Auxiliaries

  • Blower / Compressor Motors

  • Fuel Pumps / Carriage Fans

Brush Holders

Along with the use of Carbon Brushes, railways also require Brush Holders that are robust and durable. Hatim Carbon assists national and foriegn railways in Brush Holders and assembly systems. 



Earthing units, or earth return units, are found on rolling stock on railways and transit systems and provide a safe and reliable means of draining current to earth through the wheels. This protects bearings, reducing maintenance costs and maximising vehicle availability. Hatim Carbon stocks the Gerken-make of these Earth Return Devices.

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