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In 2003, Hatim Carbon introduced Carbowind as its dedicated brand for the wind energy aftermarket. Carbowind provides customers with superior power and grounding solutions with longer brush life and decreased downtime of the turbine. Our brushes and holders for wind turbines are designed for use in extreme turbine environments, tailored for power transmission, grounding, lightning protection as well as slip rings for pitching of blades.



  • Yaw & Hydraulic Brakes

  • Suitable for low temperatures

  • Long Service Life

  • High Load Capacity

  • High friction co-efficient

  • Durable Designs

  • Optimum coverage ratio of ring.

  • Metal Graphite Brushes : Silver + Copper

  • Sandwich Type : Low Resistance

  • Excellent performance in high surge occurences

  • Low voltage drop

  • No thermal expansion in the event of extremely high current spikes

  • Low wear and tear

Carbon Brushes

HatimCarbon delivers high quality and reliable Power and Earth Carbon Brushes for most globally leading turbine brands; such as Suzlon, Vestas, Inox, Gamesa and more. Manufactured using European raw material, our products are quality tested to ensure excellence in performance and longer brush life. 


Brush Holders

HatimCarbon provides a complete Brush Gear Solution to its customers. Besides Brushes, we can also support our customers with Brush Holders, Pressure Pads and Springs, Limit/Micro Switches, and connecting cables.


To cater to the after-market, HatimCarbon stocks Power as well as Data Control Sliprings from UK and European Manufacturers which have been installed as OE products on turbine brands such as Suzlon, Inox, NEG Micon, Vestas, Gamesa, GE, WinWind and similar. 


In order to battle climate change, renewable energy has been resorted to provide clean and sustainable options for daily consumption. India itself is well poised to install around 89 GW of wind power capacity by 2021, as is the entire world to match those numbers. CarboWind™ assists this vision by supporting Wind Turbine manufacturers and IPP’s in order to facilitate for a greener future. We utilize the best of raw materials to fabricate and manufacture carbon brushes and other accessories. Our aim is to supply all our products with: 

  • Expedited Service • Unparalleled Quality • Economical Prices


Wind Vane

Wind Sensor

Limit Switch


Heat Exchanger​

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