Hatim Carbon manufacture all types of carbon brushes in popular demand. We take special care in the manufacture of every brush to ensure supply of the exact material required both in the grade and dimensional accuracy. We believe that every component of the brush is integral to the current conduction process, and ensure the highest standards in the accessories used. Our core values are two fold: 

  • Maximized Brush Life & Lower Wear 

  • Decreased downtime of the Motor    



Grade Selection

Hatim Carbon maintains extensive stocks of all grades (Indian & Foreign) to correctly choose their grades for the specified application. Our careful selection of grades enable us to better assist our customers and ultimately better the quality of our product.



All the Flexibles are of the highest grade annealed, stranded electrolytic copper wire. Wires in various gauges are used to ensure good flexibility. Special care is taken during fixing process not to allow blemishing or oxidation. 


Brush Piece

Each and every brush piece is sized and checked to  conform to the tolerances permitted by B.S.S. 96 of 1954 (+.000"-.003" for breadth and thickness). All surfaces are plane and smooth and at the specified angles to each other. All chamfers, curvatures, slots, notches, shoulders, grooves etc., are made on the latest machines with special jigs and fixtures to ensure accuracy and uniformity. No broken edges or damaged corners or pittings will be found in our brushes. Brushes are checked by trained inspectors at each and every stage of production.


Shunt Connections

Connections are formed either through tamping or rivetting. The drill holes are made and shaped in automatic machines with specially made drills and tools. The pulling strength of the shunt are regularly tested during production as per NEMA Standard. Tamped connections are overlooked by our most expeirenced worksmen ensuring a firm connection.



Insulations are provided with proper consideration to the requirement of the machine, it's location and duty. They are rated for toughness, electrical insulation, resistance to heat, moisture and corrosive atmosphere.



Hatim Carbon terminals are also made from specified material in our own Accessories Department. They are properly fixed on the shunts by means of dies to ensure an unfailable grip and are soldered to the flexible permanently. Special process is adopted for soldering to avoid the solder coming on the flexible or corrosion of the flexible by the effect of Flux, a condition generally encountered in ordinary soldering. 


For Generators

HatimCarbon​ brushes used in wind turbine generators are optimized to endure extreme climates to maximize brush-life and minimize maintenance intervals. This allows our brushes to be used in both on-shore and off-shore sites. Made from European raw materials, they ensure high electrical and thermal resistance, as well as good mechanical stability.

For Generators

For Earthing

For shaft grounding of wind turbine generators, HatimCarbon offers earthing  solutions for all major wind turbine manufacturers. These allow for protection of bearings and the gearbox of the wind turbine. Similarly, metal-graphite grounding brushes are used in electric, and diesel-electric locomotives. Our brushes offer a low friction coefficient and  high transient current density.

For Lightning Protection

Our carbon brush assemblies for protection of wind turbines fulfill the highest standards of quality. Upon increased reliability on our products, the turbine downtime is greatly reduced, while minimizing maintenance intervals.

For Motors

The carbon, graphite and various metal materials we manufacture for cement, steel and paper mills, combine good electrical and thermal conductivity with high thermal resistance. This allows them to match extreme requirements, such as large power surges, idling periods, light-load operation, aggressive gases and vapors, extreme ambient temperatures, oil mist, high dust and ash loads and extreme humidity.

For Metallurgy

HatimCarbon develops products, solutions and services dedicated to the proper functioning of metal industry equipment for rolling applications (cold rolling mill, hot rolling mill, plate mill, bar mill), electrolytic tinning, galvanizing and pickling lines, cranes, etc. These carbon brushes are widely used by major OEMs in motors, generators and treatment lines for the metallurgy industry, and are adapted for the harshest operating conditions.



A single piece of carbon brush crafted from electrographite, metal-graphite or natural graphite grades, affixed with required flexibles and shunt connections. These were perfectly well for most ordinary applications. In some cases, a single wafer would ensure a larger contact surface-area disallowing the curvature of the brush to mate with the commutator with fine precision. Hatim Carbon engineers brushes to correctly bed the commutator or slipring ring to ensure there are no deviations or depressions during contact.


These brushes take the form of two wafers of similar or different grades, loosely attached together to increase and maximzie brush contatct to the slipring or commutator ring. This allows not only excellent commutation but also equal load sharing.


For long, Three-Piece Brushes were the solution for difficult commutation applications. However, with certain machines requiring very thin brushes, splitting the brush became a concern due to its fragile nature. A sandwich brush was effective in such situations, being reasonable to lay aside the principles of minimum surface-area. An apparent monobloc brush consisting of two pieces are cemented together to form a mechanically strong sandwich brush, introducing a resistance layer between the pieces.

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