Machined Metal Components

Premium high pressure die-cast metal components, machined to very demanding tolerances.

We control all our operations.

With our in-house HPDC and CNC machines, we can customize all kinds of metal products according to your requirement.

HPDC Components

Utilizing High-Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) with precision and efficiency, our machines produce intricate and high-quality metal components in both brass and aluminum, ensuring cost-effectiveness and design flexibility for diverse applications.

VMC Machining

Within our VMC CNC machining realm, we seamlessly craft precision metal components from versatile materials like brass, aluminum, copper, steel, and others. This process excels in accuracy, consistency, hig-speed machining, efficiency in complex geometries, reduced setup time, and overall cost-effectiveness.

Laser Cutting Machine

At the core of our metal component production, laser cutting machines excel in precision, minimizing material distortion and reducing wastage. Versatile across stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, they ensure cost-effective efficiency, handle complex geometries, and enable customization for consistently accurate results.

What sets us apart ?

In-house production from the raw material level to the machining level allows us more control over the quality of our products. 

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