Brush Gear Accessories

Assisting other manufacturers with their requirements to improve industry standards.

We tailor our products according to your requirements. Anything you could possibly want.

By providing solutions for complex geometry and smaller components, we are trying to raise industry standards in delivery. 

Spring Systems

Our spring systems provide constant pressure for optimal electrical contact, adapting to dynamic conditions, and accommodating wear ensuring efficiency and longevity in diverse applications. Coil, compression, torsion springs and much more available on demand.

Flexible Copper Wire

We provide wire to ensure efficient power transfer, exceptional durability, and thermal conductivity. With options like stranded, braided, silver-plated, and tinned copper wires, our product offers versatility for diverse applications, combining flexibility with unmatched electrical performance.

Shunt Assemblies

Simplifying brush attachment, our shunt assemblies streamline installation for brush manufacturers, enhancing user convenience, and ensuring reliable electrical connections, saving significant time and money.

Custom Terminals

Our carbon brush terminals ensure optimal conductivity, secure attachment, and heat dissipation, enhancing overall durability and facilitating easy installation for versatile applications.

Precision Machined Products

The ability to CNC machine intricate geometries from G-10 material at low times is pivotal for motor rewinding applications. This efficiency ensures swift production, minimizing downtime and facilitating precision in complex machining for superior motor performance.

Rubber Tops

Our rubber tops provide vital functions—vibration damping, contamination protection, noise reduction, electrical insulation, and temperature resilience—for superior and reliable operation in diverse applications.

What sets us apart ?

Our inventory stocking system and manufacturing systems for certain components help us provide complex parts in extremely quick time frames.

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