Hatim Carbon introduced Carbowind as its dedicated brand for the wind energy aftermarket. Carbowind provides customers with superior power and grounding solutions with longer brush life and decreased downtime of the turbine.

Our brushes and holders for wind turbines are designed for use in extreme turbine environments, tailored for power transmission, grounding, lightning protection as well as slip rings for pitching of blades.

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Our Product Portfolio

Phase Carbon Brushes

Specially treated copper and silver graphite components.

Our phase carbon brushes are specifically designed to display low wear even with the harshest of environments and highest of speeds.

Earthing Carbon Brushes

Reliable copper and silver graphite brushes.

Elevate safety and performance with our superior earthing carbon brushes – a reliable choice for optimal grounding.

Lightning Protection Brushes & Holders

Includes carbon brushes, holders and spring systems.

This high-metal component redirects lightning current to protect the shaft, gearbox and bearings from an electrical surge. Our protection systems have saved companies millions in maintenance costs.

Brush Holder Assemblies

Includes brush holders, rocker assemblies, springs and limit switches.

Supporting the electric transfer from the graphite to the transformer, our holder assemblies not only ensure low electrical losses, but also assist in precision monitoring to reduce downtime of the turbine.

Slipring Units

Includes phase and pitch control sliprings.

With our international associations and partners, we have access to high quality slipring units that is catered to the consumers’ application and need.

Wind Gear Accessories

Includes heat exchangers, couplings, wind vanes and more.

Parallel to our electrical spares line, we also stock and sell mechanical turbine measuring units to ensure that real time data is accurately monitored.

Most Popular Questions.

The replacement frequency of carbon brushes in a wind turbine depends on various factors such as operating conditions, environmental factors, and the specific type of brushes used. Regular inspections are recommended, and we can assist in determining an optimal replacement schedule based on your turbine's unique requirements. Generally, one set of carbon brushes should last around 8-10 months of regular use.

It is generally not recommended to mix carbon grades on a slipring. Using uniform carbon grades ensures consistent performance and minimizes wear. Mixing grades can lead to uneven wear and compromised electrical contact. Our experts can guide you in selecting the right carbon grades for your specific slipring application.

Excessive carbon brush wear may indicate issues with alignment, pressure, or the quality of the brushes. Our technical team can provide a comprehensive analysis of your system, identify the root cause, and recommend solutions to optimize brush performance and reduce wear on your slipring.

Yes, accessories play a crucial role in the overall performance and longevity of your wind turbine system. They include the correct brush holders, limit switches, and grounding solutions, among others. These accessories directly contribute to system reliability and can enhance the efficiency of your turbine.

We offer comprehensive assistance, including guidance on selecting the right carbon brushes, brush holders, slipring units, and accessories for your wind turbine. Our team can also provide on-site technical support, help with installation and maintenance queries, and offer custom solutions to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for any assistance you may need throughout the lifecycle of your turbine system.

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