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Industrial Brushes Manufacturer for Electrical Components

Since 1953

Welcome to Hatim Carbon

We specialize in the design and manufacture of carbon and graphite products. We have established ourselves as a reliable source of quality carbon brushes, components, sliprings, brush holders and as a reliable repairer of holder assemblies. 

Our solutions are tailored to meet diverse industrial applications.

Pioneering in service, quality, and reliability.

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We focus on exporting our products with a commitment to quality and innovation, setting new standards in international trade.

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Powering Possibilities, One Brush at a Time.

From precision machinery to cutting-edge technology, our brush gear products seamlessly integrate across diverse applications. Constantly evolving with technology, we ensure your equipment stays ahead, meeting the demands of the modern era with innovation at its core.


Elevates cement production reliability with our robust brush solutions, suitable for both AC and DC applications.


From blast furnaces to rolling mills, our durable brush applications ensure precision and longevity in steel production. Suitable for both AC and DC applications.


Tough conditions demand tougher brushes—our applications enhance efficiency and durability in mining operations.

Wind Power

Empowers wind turbines with efficiency; our brush gear solutions support seamless operations in the dynamic wind power sector. Widely used in phase, earthing, and lightning protection applications.


Ensures reliable performance for railway systems—our brushes, perfect for traction and GRU applications, ensure smooth and safe operations in every journey.


Provides essential support for metallurgical processes; our brush applications deliver precision and reliability in every operation

Oil and Gas

Meet industry challenges; our brushes provide reliability and durability for critical applications in oil and gas operations.


Navigate reliability; our brush solutions play a vital role in enhancing efficiency and durability in the shipping industry. Widely used in shaft grounding applications.

Thermal Power

Power thermal plants with confidence; our robust brush applications ensure precision and longevity in thermal power generation.

When you need experience, we have it covered.

Our range of products are carefully selected to manage all electric motor and generator application needs making Hatim Carbon a one stop solution for all customers.

Carbon Brushes

Conductive graphite component for electrical contact in machinery.

We house a large range of American, German and Indian grades in different graphite types to suit to your exact need.

Brush Holders

Robust brass supports that position and secure carbon brushes.

With our in-house high pressure die casting and secondary CNC machining facilities, we can ensure high precision and complex brush holders with low lead times.

Slipring Units

Facilitating continuous power and signal transfer in rotating equipment.

To become a one stop solution for all brush gear related requirements, we stock slipring units and also manufacture rocker assemblies for various motor and generator applications.

Brush Gear Accessories

Includes pressure pads, springs, terminals, flexible copper shunts and more.

Supporting other brush manufacturers, we manufacture brush gear related components to be part of a solution for customers all across the globe.

Machined Metal Components

Specializing in non ferrous metals such as brass and aluminium.

With our in-house designing and casting, our precision and downtime in machining metal components is much lesser than the industry standard, giving us an edge over competitors.

Mechanical Motor Spares

Includes fans, cowls, drive end bearings, termination boxes and much more.

Parallel to our electrical spares line, we also stock and sell mechanical motor spares for replacement supplies for a variety of motor manufacturers.

International Partners & Associations.

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