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Hatim Carbon Co Pvt ltd

We've been understanding carbon - so you don't have to

Hatim Carbon is a 4th generation family-run business specializing in the design and manufacture of carbon and graphite products. Since its inception in 1953, it has established itself as an international manufacturer of quality carbon brushes, components, sliprings, brush holders and as a reliable repairer of holder assemblies.

Reliability & Consistency

Each of our carbon brushes, holders and sliprings are produced with in-line testing and monitored according to ISO standards. In addition, all orders are fully inspected prior to shipment to ensure that every compenent is of the highest possible quality.

Worldwide Support

Being an exclusive member of the E-Carbon group, we have instant access to a global database of technical, performance and trouble shooting information for all carbon brush problems.

Warranty & Performance Guarantee

We guarantee all our products to be free of manufacturing defects. If ever there is a problem, we will provide a replacement with the utmost urgency.​


Our Journey throughout the years.

Company Founded

Hatim Carbon Co was incorporated, dealing mainly in the import of carbon brushes for the Indian Railways. Manufacturing started in less than half a decade. The company’s roots were firmly planted, laying the foundation for decades of growth and success.


Embraced a pivotal moment of transformation by diversifying its offerings. Branching out into sister territories of insulation, the group expanded its portfolio, marking a significant step forward in its journey towards progress and adaptability.

Export Ventures

With a commitment to quality and a global perspective, the company spread its wings, establishing itself as a key player on the international stage while maintaining strong connections to its local roots. A new office in the Middle East was formed.

Growth & Expansion

Entered a phase of growth and expansion to scale their business with associated products and technology. With advanced and more precision oriented machinery, Hatim Carbon continue to forge a legacy of innovation, adaptability, and global reach, ensuring a promising future built on a strong foundation of experience and expertise.

2015 +

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