Brush Holders

Precision - engineered brush holders crafted to seamlessly integrate with your application.

The highest of qualities in brass. The quickest of deliveries in the country.

From advanced motors to industrial generators, discover the ideal holder for your machine’s pinnacle performance – revolutionizing industry standards with expedited delivery. 

Large AC Motor Holders

Excel in high-friction environments and vibratory applications. Engineered for stability and efficient electrical transfer, they ensure reliability in demanding conditions.

DC Motor Holders

Ensure excellent commutation and spring pressure. Designed with precision, they guarantee reliable performance and optimal electrical transfer, even in demanding conditions.

Small AC Holders [Calliper]

Guaranteed precision in maintaining consistent pressure. Engineered for reliable performance, and ensure seamless electrical transfer in all applications.

Power Tool Holders

Perfect for high RPM and high vibration environments. Manufacture in stamped mechanism ensure that tolerances are consistent and maintained.

GRU Holders

Consistent brush pressure in spring systems, and high-quality brass for electrical transfer in GRU applications. Feature insulatory support with ribbed G-10 material to avoid stray current or tracking.

Special Holders

Specially designed as per customer application for any environment according to requirement. After manufacturability assessment, is optimised for production with low turnaround times.

What sets us apart ?

Our brush holders gain a competitive advantage through various proprietary processes and production methods. This not only sets us apart from the competition but also provides us with enhanced control over the performance aspects, ensuring unparalleled quality. 

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