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Brush Holder Recommendations in regards to the fitting of Carbon Brushes

  • Ensure that the brush holder functions correctly and check that the interior of the box is in good condition.

  • Adjust the distance of the brush holder from the commutator to between 2 and 3 mm (fig. 1).

  •  Place the brushes on parallel and equi-distant tracks. When staggering of brushes is necessary, this should be done in pairs of arms so that there is always an equal number of positive and negative brushes on the same track (fig. 2).

  • Align the leaving edges of the brushes on - each of the arms flush with the edge of a commutator bar.

  • Verify that brushes of succesive arms are an equal distance apart.

  • Verify, by use of a dynamometer that the pressures are equal on all the brushes.


For AC/DC Motors

Brush Holders used in AC/DC Motors are all manufactured and stocked for immediate delivery all around the globe. Hatim Carbon is a constant supplier in:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Cement Plants

  • Metallurgy

  • Steel Plants

  • Power & Thermal Plants


For Traction

Our robust designs in brush holding technology ensure precise positioning of the carbon brush at all times. Made from anti-corrosive and non-ferrous alloys, they are ideal in electrical and diesel locomotives.


For Sliprings

While it is logistically difficult to replace brush holders on wind turbines regularly, HatimCarbon provides solutions to ensure easier maintenance, and long-lasting, more durable products. We provide easily replaceable and adjustable brush holders compatible with all major OE generators.  


For Lightning Protection

In order to disallow damage of wind turbines, HatimCarbon offers grounding solutions for lightning in unpredictable climates. Along with carbon brushes for the same, HatimCarbon provides brush holders to all major wind turbine manufacturers. 

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